Selected Exhibition Publications:
Selected Bibliography:
  • The Hamptons' Most Anticipated Art Party Was a Strange, Imaginative Celebration of Whimsy
    Shanti Escalante-De Mattei
    2022 August
  • The 30th Anniversary Watermill Center Benefit Takes a Stand with New Artist Exhibitions
    Erica Silverman
    2022 August
  • Hong Kong’s political changes reflected in artist’s video of musicians fighting each other to play a Beyond-based song while tied up
    Enid Tsui
    2022 April
  • Hamburger Bahnhof
    2021 October
  • Rundgang durch drei bemerkenswerte Ausstellungen im HAMBURGER BAHNHOF
    Stefan Bock
    2021 June
  • Tsubasa Kato - Superstring Secrets
    Nodoka Odawara
    2020 November
  • What do we make of exhibitions in a period of absence and emergency? ‘They Do Not Understand Each Other’ seeks to understand differences and commutability of culture observed in art
    2020 August
  • After the Tsunami: Japanese Contemporary Art Since 2011
    Adrian Favell
    2020 July
  • Incorporating pieces and commissions from the National Museum of Art, Osaka, and Singapore Art Museum, this group show invites us to examine the connections and rifts between ourselves—and within our understanding of art itself.
    Leanne Mirandilla
    2020 July
  • Your Guide to Exhibitions in Hong Kong
    Nirmala Devi
    2020 July
  • 加藤翼──放下畫筆 製造溝通
    2020 June
  • ART CITIES: Hong Kong-They Do Not Understand Each Other
    Dimitris Lempesis
    2020 June
  • They Do Not Understand Each Other
    Ysabelle Cheung
    2020 June
  • Art What!: Singapore Art Museum Co-Presents They Do Not Understand Each Other at Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun Contemporary
    2020 May
  • ReFreedom_Aichi
    Hikaru Fujii x Tsubasa Kato x Kyunchome
    2020 April
  • MOCA exhibition: After the quakes
    Davina Tham
    2019 December
  • NMAO collection with Alberto Giacometti II
    Nodoka Odawara
    2019 November
  • Questioning and Connecting: Aichi Triennale Artist Interviews
    Emily Wakeling
    2019 October
  • After the Deluge: The Show Goes On at Aichi Triennale 2019
    Colin Smith
    2019 October
  • Japan art world condemns gov't agency for pulling grant after 'comfort women' blowup
    Akiko Nagata, Noboru Hirose, Aya Shiota, and Kazushi Machidori
    2019 September
  • Aichi Triennale Grapples with History and Censorship
    Stephanie Bailey
    2019 August
  • The Aichi Triennial 2019 and the “After Freedom of Expression” Exhibition – A TIMELINE
    Theresa Deichert
    2019 August
  • Aichi Triennale Artists Demand Removal of Works as Government Investigates Controversy
    2019 August
  • Domani: The Art of Tomorrow
    Emily Wakeling
    2019 March
  • Tsubasa Kato pulls down a building by ropes
    Taisuke Shimanuki
    2019 January
  • A Mori Art Museum Exhibition Shows What Art Can Do in Times of Catastrophe
    Elena Martinique
    2018 November
  • “Catastrophe and the Power of Art”: art, disaster and social change at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
    2018 November
  • "Catastrophe and the Power of Art" at the Mori Art Museum
    Chelsea Coon
    2018 October
  • 16
    The National Museum of Art Osaka News
    They Do Not Understand Each 0ther
    Tsubasa Kato
    2018 October
    Gregory Sholette
    2018 September
  • Tsubasa Kato
    Ryan Holmberg
    2018 April
  • Out in the Cold: A chat with the curator of Warwick’s upcoming contemporary art exhibition
    2018 February
  • Insurrecciones: Atlas de la sublevación
    Paula Arantzazu Ruiz
    2017 April
  • Expos: l'air de la révolte à Paris et Londres
    Julien Bordier
    2016 December
  • 起义
    2016 December
  • Soulèvements, des décalages dommageables
    Christian GATTINONI
    2016 December
  • Exposition "Soulèvements" : « Il y aura toujours des enfants pour faire le mur… »
    Michèle Jacobs-Hermès
    2016 October
  • Uprisings
    Press release by Jeu de Paume
    2016 October
  • 06
    Memories simultaneously erupting across spatial and temporal distances
    Tsubasa Kato
    2016 January
  • Tsubasa Kato
    Laura Thomson
    2015 March
  • Art Radar’s top 10 booths to visit at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
    2015 March
  • Pull and Raise: Tsubasa Kato
    Linda Dennis
  • Fukagawa. Future. Humanity
    Emily Wakeling
    2011 August
  • INTERVIEW - Tsubasa Kato
    Toshikatsu Ienari
    2011 March