My work focuses on the interplay between performance and installation, especially the question of how to document performance in a way that actively engages the viewer in the museum space.

My performances are loosely organized: There is only a prescribed “goal” that must be reached (moving a giant object, performing a song while bound, blocking or crossing a road, etc.). Through staging many performances, which have involved anywhere from two to five hundred participants, I have come to realize that the more absurd the “goal” is, the more effectively it creates the potential for collective, active imagination. This absurdity also forces a departure from the fixed possibilities of the everyday. Ultimately, my performances reveal the physical limits of any one individual’s ability to reach a goal, and thus facilitate spontaneous, collective action.

As for my installations, they focus on narrativizing the collective consciousness that manifests inside my performances. They provide another layer of context that allows the viewer to perceive a story inside of the event. A defining feature of my work is the possibility it opens for viewers to freely and collectively ascribe to the performance new meanings that derive from the gulf between the museum space and the performance site.

What I am attempting to do is cross the perspectives of people inside and outside the museum, thereby creating a new imaginative space that can be shared by people across spatial and temporal distances.

Our understanding of the distance between people is changing greatly now through experiencing the coronavirus crisis. Now, what we can do is to once again put time into reconsidering the distances between us from each of our perspectives. We are always moving, and quickly at that. Now, though, we cannot move, let alone move quickly. What has become clear in not being able to get closer, or further away, is the problem of distance between us and the various people we overlooked before the crisis began. In this rather peculiar environment in which people of all countries are pursuing the same goal, we re-recognize our distance from others, and imagine each of their perspectives from our own. Isn’t this crisis challenging us as to whether we can return to this fundamental ability to imagine?