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F.F.H. (Fukagawa, Future, Humanity)

Mirror film-covered wooden structure
Video documentation of an action: 08m 06s
Lambda print, Drawing on a paper
I produced this work for a 2011 solo exhibition at Mujin-To Production. I carefully measured the space of the gallery and created a structure that was exactly the same size, placing it in a nearby park. Put simply, I copied and pasted the gallery space into the park. After the performance was completed, I moved the structure back into the gallery: it fits perfectly.

The surface of the structure was covered with mirrors, so that it could reflect, and seamlessly merge with the landscape. When it began to slowly tilt during the performance, it reflected the sky, and revealed its form. In short, we pulled it out of the landscape.

It was impossible for the viewer to see the structure’s exterior in the installation. Instead, they could enter inside of it (through several holes opened up in it) and see documentation of the performance. The footage of the performance captured both the inner and outer views of the structure, and through the exchange of these two views, the viewer could understand that they were inside of the structure reflected in the footage.

2011年、無人島プロダクションでの個展のために制作した作品。私はギャラリー空間を隅々まで測量し、それと正確に同じサイズの構築物をギャラリー近所の木場公園(東京)に設置した。--- つまりギャラリー空間自体を公園にコピペした。