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Pass Between Magnetic Tea Party

Acrylic on tablecloths, video
Construction operated by: Yukari Hirano
Performance venue: Maria Enriqueta Camarillo St, Mexico City, Mexico
I borrowed a tablecloth from neighbors of the studio where I was staying in Mexico City. I placed it over two roughly nine-meter-long tables in the street and held a tea party with around forty neighborhood residents. The performance consisted of opening and closing off this street to allow for the passage of cars: We repeatedly moved the tables apart when a car came and then placed them back together after it passed. Finally, we had one car drive onto and over these tables and leave tire marks on the tablecloth as a form of documentation.

In this performance, we grappled with the restricted nature of public space (the road). This restricted nature provides us with communal rules to obey, but we subverted these and created this “painting” as a result. The tablecloth, sullied by the black smears of the tire marks, is a manifestation of our intention in the museum, and an imprint of our actions. In short, this is a form of action painting produced collectively.