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The Day to Break the Silence

Three-channel video with four-channel audio
Performed by: The Interzone Collective (Anson Chan, Alice Ma, Hubert So, and Eric Chan)
Essential musical score composed by: Sous Chef
Filmed by: MA Chi-hang, CHUENG Pak-ming, MAK chi-kwan, and Yukari Hirano
Sound recorded by: Moodi LAM, WONG Lok-yiu, and LEE Man-yee
Commissioned by CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Hong Kong
In the “Songs While Bound” series, a group of musicians performs a song while attached to one another by ropes that interfere with their playing of instruments. In the performance, the restricting factor is competing centers of gravity. The more performers there are, the more their bodies work against one another, resulting in a jagged and fragmented musical performance. This series is meant to express the social tensions and their resolutions that we experience daily as individuals and groups.

I invited a Hong Kong-based band, The Interzone Collective, to present a live performance and completed the video installation. We collaborated to form a new song by studying individual and collective experiences under Hong Kong's local socio-political circumstances. In this act of simultaneous cooperation and conflict, the relationships between self-identity and power, collective action, and its goals become difficult to define.