Projects > They Do Not Understand Each Other
言葉が通じない / They do not understand each other

Video documentation of a performance:: 05m 14s
Lambda print: 35 x 70 cm (photographing by Keiichi Sakakura)
An island in between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago goes by two names: Daemado (Korean) and Tsushima (Japanese). There's no discussion over it, just two monologues running parallel: Nationalists in both countries claim its theirs, but never can understand each other's language.

This work, in which a Korean man and I use the technique of the exquisite corpse (a surrealist technique where different people complete individual parts of a poem without knowing the other’s intentions and then assemble it together), is a satire of the sad state of affairs between the two countries: he only speaks Korean, which I can’t understand.

Having been introduced through an employee at a café on the main island, we proceeded to a nearby uninhabited island on a two-person canoe. All we had in common was a signpost displaying a QR code and the goal of pounding it into the ground there. This was a device to avoid silence then and direct a signal for the viewer at the exhibition to scan.


この国境の島で一人の韓国人男性(彼は韓国語しか話せない。私はまったく韓国語を話せない)と「優美な屍骸/Exquisite Corpse」(複数人が互いの意図を知ることなしに詩の一部だけを制作し、それを組み合わせるシュルレアリスムの共同制作手法)を試みるという着想がこのプロジェクトの糸口であった。